Women Empower Each Other 16-Week Women Empowerment Course For Facilitators, Trainers and Individuals


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Product Description

I designed a 16-week Women Empowerment Course for women to facilitate teen girls and women’s groups.

Chapters included in this 172-page Women Empowerment 16-Week Course:

Chapter 1 Your Authentic Self
Chapter 2 Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Chapter 3 I Am Enough
Chapter 4 Positive Body Image
Chapter 5 Self-Compassion
Chapter 6 Self-Love Cards
Chapter 7 Forgiveness
Chapter 8 Shame
Chapter 9 Anger
Chapter 10 Communication Skills
Chapter 11 Co-Dependency
Chapter 12 Healthy Relationships
Chapter 13 Boundaries
Chapter 14 Mirror Work, Having A Relationship With Yourself
Chapter 15 Gratitude Cards
Chapter 16 Closure
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