Our Program

Women Empower Each Other provides education and tools for emotional and spiritual growth. In guiding teenager girls and women, they will explore their wholehearted and empowered self. In sharing their stories, connecting with others, doing inner work, and deepen their journey of self-discovery. Each girl and woman will find her own voice and be the powerful woman she is!

Women Empower Each Other Empowerment Guidebook is designed for Facilitators, Trainers and Individuals
I designed a 16-week Empowerment Guide Book for women to facilitate teen girls and women’s groups.

Topics covered in this 161 page Empowerment Guide book include:

Topic 1 Your Authentic Self
Topic 2 Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Topic 3 I Am Enough
Topic 4 What Is Positive Body Image
Topic 5 Self-Compassion
Topic 6 Self-Love Cards
Topic 7 Forgiveness
Topic 8 Shame
Topic 9 Releasing Anger
Topic 10 Communication Skills
Topic 11 Co-Dependency
Topic 12 Healthy Relationships
Topic 13 Boundaries
Topic 14 Mirror Work
Topic 15 Gratitude Cards
Topic 16 Closure
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The Power of Women’s Circles

circle of hands

Women’s circles are not new. It’s an ancient ritual that women have been doing for a long time. Women formed circles for birth, during the menstrual cycles, death, and milestone celebrations. Women cooked, sewed together, and took care of each other’s children. This was the tribe!

When women come together and form a circle, we create a sacred space for connection, gathering, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and together we RISE!

Each of us is unique, equal and valued. We honor all paths of life, free of judgment of any kind. We are each responsible for our own spiritual journey. No one can do this journey but you! We are not responsible for fixing each other but comforting and support is all that we need. We laugh, cry, get scared, whatever else shows up, and needs to get processed. Together we heal, release what doesn’t work for us, keeps us stuck, and reclaim and transform. Each woman enriches all of us. Magic happens!

When we are in circle there is no leader. We are all equal. We all bring our essence to circle. While there needs to be a person to hold a space, the sacred container, I am honored to fill that role.

I invite you to see if women’s circles resonate with you.  I provide training for women who want to facilitate teen girls and women’s circles.  If so, please contact me. Sisterhood is powerful! It’s the connection between women!

“When women support each other, incredible things happen!”