What Makes A Woman Powerful? by Jane Powell

A powerful woman doesn’t have to prove she is powerful.

Women who feel the need to prove their power usually deep down don’t feel they are powerful. They try to prove something to themselves and others. The more you continue down this path, the more doubts you will have.


Women know their power. We are tough yet tender daily. We remain strong with our loved ones through rough times. If they stumble or need support, we are there with soft sensitive words, and open our hearts to them and comfort them with our arms.

Be proud of your ability to be strong and gentle. Let your power make it known, through your quiet, calm confidence and the respect it surrounds you.

If you find yourself trying to prove your power to others, please stop. True power doesn’t need to shout to prove itself. It can whisper and still be heard.

Be proud of your ability to be both strong and gentle. Embrace these different sides of your personality and exercise them in equal measure. Show your strength and determination.







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